How To Find A Reputable Mystery Shopping Company

One of the most appealing aspects of working as a secret shopper is that you may be paid to shop. You have control over when you work, where you work, and, to a lesser extent, how you work. Of course, one of the most difficult aspects of being a mystery shopper is that you are in charge of your own show. You don’t walk into the office every day expecting a list of shopping duties. As the boss, secretary, and employee of You, Inc.

you must create those chances on your own. Fortunately, there are some trustworthy sources out there that can direct you to the shopping possibilities you want, ensuring that your money-making ideas work for you.

Ways to Find a Reputable Mystery Shopping Company

MSPA’s Website

The Mystery Shopping Providers’ Association (MSPA) founded in order to introduce professional standards to the mystery shopping industry. It now represents over 400 organizations globally, runs industry conferences, has a shopper training and certification program in place, and is dedicated to helping mystery shopping become an ethical career that gives clients credible information on how to improve their customer service. For shoppers, MSPA offers online forums, a reference website, and a list of job postings under the Moniker Jobslinger. They also provide a list of members if you want to seek corporate websites that are MSPA members.


As with any market research, the team you work with directly at your selected agency is accountable for the success of your mystery shopping campaign. Companies must be sure that their project management staff has substantial experience in this area, from establishing unique scoring criteria to choosing and briefing the proper mystery shoppers.

Essentially, what does their CV look like? Working with a project management team that has a lot of expertise in creating and managing big-scale mystery shopping programs can considerably add to the success of any consumer research program in which they are engaged. They will have a better awareness of what will favorably or adversely affect the performance of a program and will be able to share information about what works well inside the program.

Online Mystery Shopping Discussion Boards

The industry-related internet forums are another excellent resource for mystery shopping jobs. You’ll be able to interact with other mystery shoppers in the forums to ask questions, exchange ideas, and discuss employers and assignments. If the forum is active, the information about who is hiring and where is more likely to be current and hence relevant.

You could also get a feel of each company’s “personality.” Who paid well? Who is the late payer? Who doesn’t pay anything? What type of customer is each business searching for? What do they expect to see in their reports, and what causes them to reject work? Which businesses are real, and which are swindlers?

Knowledge of the Industry

Some businesses prefer to engage with organizations that have expertise in planning and running mystery shopping programs in their sector. Therefore they will frequently seek out a market research firm that has worked with similar businesses. This isn’t always necessary, but it is for any firm seeking benchmarking analysis from their selected research organization.

Facilitation Skills

Finally, and maybe most importantly, can your selected agency carry out your needed mystery shopping program? Is the agency equipped with the necessary quantity of mystery shoppers who meet your brand’s client profile? Is it possible for them to internally resource your program and offer high-quality mystery shops within the agreed-upon timeframe? These are the most crucial questions to ask any market research firm before embarking on a mystery shopping campaign.

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