there is never perfect security ! haha

“Kucinta kau seperti senja dengan keindahannya tanpa durasinya”



It’s possible that it will happen to you. You’ve finished a store, sent in your report, and potentially even gotten paid for it. The mystery shopping firm then approaches you with the dreadful news from their client — you’ve been spotted! Your cover has been exposed, and the client claims to have discovered who the shopper was. Sometimes the client is mistaken and does not identify the shopper, but most of the time, the client does. When this occurs, the customer requests that the shopper not be returned to that specific place or even employed at all.

How Can You Tell If You’re Doing Business With a Secret Shopper?

Have you ever wondered if the person on the other end of a long phone call or the client with an unusually high number of queries was an undercover secret shopper? Here are seven signs that you’re being shopped rather than selling.

Be Normal

The shopper seemed suspicious.” You’re not James Bond or Jason Bourne. You must pose as a typical client and act in the manner of a normal consumer. If your store needs you to ask a staff a question, do so as if you were shopping on your own, not at a store.

Too Many Inquiries Are Asked

Secret buyers will almost certainly have a lot of questions. An extremely curious consumer may inquire about your business methods, specific inquiries about your products and services, and your company’s history, among other things. You should ensure that your personnel is ready to address any questions that may occur.

Do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

The shopper arrived for dinner wearing Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt that was cut off. Dress correctly for the sort of business you’re running. If you’re going to a sports goods store, don’t show up in a suit and tie, and if you’re going to a fine dining establishment, don’t show up in your best jogging suit. If you’re unsure, consult your scheduler! He or she would gladly advise you on how to blend in depending on the sort of store you’re working in.

Inquiries About Your Rivals

When a client asks comparison questions about you and your rivals, keep in mind that they may be evaluating your company on behalf of a direct competitor. Make sure your employees are aware of this technique and forbid them from disclosing any information that might be useful to your competition.

Keep Your Objective Quiet

The shopper notified the boss that he was being shopped and that he was performing admirably thus far.” Conduct not tell anyone at the store that you are a mystery shopper until you have been assigned to do a revealing shop. Remember, you’re a customer just like everyone else.

They Keep Track Of The Time

Secret shoppers must keep an accurate time log of their hours worked, as well as other critical variables. Such as how long it takes for an employee to acknowledge them, the time spent in line, and so on… So if you notice a specific customer who constantly checks their watch, you can assume they are tracking the time.

Bottom Line

There is no way to tell if you are dealing with a secret shopper or not. However, by remembering the aforementioned criteria. You can feel comfortable that you’ve put your best foot forward and hope that any review submitted will be good!

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