Human Zone a Brand by Undercover consultancy

HR Consulting Services completely aligned to your organizational work culture

Human zone a brand by Undercover Consultancy is an innovator and a thought leader in the human resource space in Dubai, we constantly strive to deliver high-value talent and human capital on a global as well as regional scale. We excel in all forms of HR consulting services including short-term, long-term, on-demand, and outsourced talent recruitment.

Having partnered with all major public and private sectors in the region, we have come to understand that human resources can be an intricate and risk-prone undertaking from both ends of the spectrum –

we as a consulting service and you put your stakes in our expertise. Consequently, over the years, we have put in place highly evolved checks and balances to ensure that employees who are only the best in their fields are chosen for your organization.

From scouting for new talent to managing your HR department to putting in place a globally acceptable HR policy within your organization, we can provide complete HR consulting services so that you focus on building your business while we ensure that your workforce, as well as your organizational interests, are well taken care of.

We are deeply entrenched in the philosophy that your workforce is at the core of your business growth. Even the most robust organizations can be derailed if there are chinks in the way talent is hired, whether on a permanent basis, contract basis, or through outsourcing. Our team of HR consultants has spent years slogging over international HR policies, professional roles and responsibilities, and networking within multiple industries to help you build the most dependable workforce.

Our vision is to become a primary go-to source for the most trustworthy HR services in the region. To achieve this, we collaborate only with the best talent and we serve the most trusted businesses and organizations in the region. When it comes to finding unparalleled talent for your organization, we will leave no stone unturned.