Undercover Customer Hospitality (Restaurants) Awards

The time has come to award many businesses for all the hard work that they have pulled off during their running. Undercover has come forward to allocate those businesses that have showed exceptional customer service.

In these awards, Undercover will be finding out which individuals have been performing well over the order that they have framed out to be, and by doing this, will also be guiding them to better train the employee of these businesses. This act is not only important for the business ventures only but also to the entire city and the tourists as well so they will be getting exceptional customer services to further encourage them on their visits to the businesses.

Undercover will be showing their generosity to businesses that make their hospitality intriguing, From mid-level restaurants, retail stores, to high-end hotels.

Undercover will be taking some methods for their hospitality awards event that is as follows:

The time has come to recognize companies for all of the hard work they have put in over the years. Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy has stepped forward to award certain organizations who have delivered exceptional customer service.

The premium focus of the Undercover Customer Hospitality (Restaurants) Awards

is to honor industry experts who are part of this affluent industry. The awards will provide a forum for UAE players to showcase their talents and gain visibility in by recognizing outstanding customer service, and high-quality dining across the country.

Benefits of the awards:

Such recognition will help raise visibility of the brand as well as foster cross-industry collaboration across a variety of industries, including finance, design and aesthetics, service aspects, merchandising, sourcing, and marketing. We will also be guiding them to better train the employees of these businesses.

The nominees and winners will gain a great deal of coverage from both our online and offline partners. The winners will be presented with a trophy and a certificate by Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy.

For our hospitality awards gathering, Undercover will employ the following strategies:

Restaurants with different categories:

We will call in inquiries from restaurants in 6 different categories namely QSR, Cafes & Juice bars, Fine Dining, Ice-cream & Dessert bars, Sheesha bars and Pubs & Bars.

Entry for the awards is via self-nomination and will be charged at AED XXXX per submission.

Upon completing the online entry form, entrants will have to upload supporting documents, information, images and video.

To help assess performance, any nominated outlet must have been operational since January 2020.

Consideration for the awards:

Post receiving nominations from prospective restaurants, all entrants will be evaluated by Undercover’s professional mystery shoppers. The basis for evaluation will be largely based on the following criteria:

  • The entire infrastructure of the hospitality sector
  • How the business sector deals with its customers and clients
  • How well they carry out their product displacement
  • The billing and integrity of the hospitality sector
  • How well the staff is in terms of delivery and service.

Careful consideration:

The results of the Mystery visits conducted will be assimilated and analysed to identify the top performers in each service format.

 The Distribution of Awards:

If the candidates meet the necessary requirements, then Undercover will be announcing the awards to the winners that have the best hospitality in their business sector.

Businesses are an important investment especially in UAE Dubai, which is considered as the best place to run your business and greatly evaluate it. So why not get the reward for every struggle that you faced. Undercover Award Ceremony will help you gain a necessary name for your business in the market in terms of hospitality.

  • Award Categories:
  • Fine Dining
  • Casual Dining
  • Cafes
  • Buffet
  • Food Trucks/Pop-Up Restaurant & Kiosks
  • Ghost Restaurant/ Could kitchens
  • Pubs & Bars
  • Sheesha Lounges

Undercover Hospitality Award Ceremony will be conducted in the following timeline:

April-June 2021 Selection of Hospitality Sectors

July- September 2021 Consideration of Awards

October – November 2021 Final Analysis

December 2021 the distribution of the awards