Face to Face interviews

Business tends to go in a variety of ways depending on how we treat It. You need to put in a great amount of hard work into it for it to achieve success. There are several things which can help you achieve greatness in your business and conducting face to face interviews is one of them. It is most commonly conducted between a researcher of the business capital and the consumer of the product. Most often this data is collected as in terms of a survey and proves to be quite structured.

The great thing about it is that it can help you evaluate how your business can be treated better. They help you in expanding your business success to levels that you cannot even comprehend. You see the thing is that they will help you in giving an in-depth realization of just it is how your business is doing. The important data you collect will always be yours to keep. How will it help you exactly?

Conducting face to face interviews in terms of business sure has its fair share of advantages. None can deny that they greatly expand the eloquence of businesses like no other. That is why many major consultant agencies emphasize conducting or advising organizations to take them. The reason for this is that they provide the following factors.

On-screen questions more seldom and accurate

Many agree that face to face interviews helps you create in dept. and accurate screening of individuals and customers. It is a common fact that during face to face questions, many personals when being asked certain questions will be unable to provide information deemed to be inaccurate. You see during online surveys the individual might commonly provide false information as they are most often hesitant to provide personal details about their life or them in general. Face to face interviews in terms of this gains the upper hand and makes everything easy and comfortable.

Usage of products and visual aids in the survey

When conducting face to face interviews, you can easily use various types of products and pictures for your surveys. It will help in giving your survey a more polished and personalized look. It also helps you in providing better visual aids. Which is important during face to face interviews.

Observations of the respondents

As it enables you to be closer to the respondent, it also helps you in observing the conduct of the interviewer as well. The mannerism and body language of the individual who is being interviewed while also enabling you to capture various types of emotions as well as their behaviors to the questions asked. Face to face interviews enables you to capture a major in-depth view of the respondents and their responses.


Goal and the Amazing Response

During interviews, most often the interview has complete control over the entire situation, they will be more confident, stern, and eloquent in their goal. This is a classic trick used by many HR interviewers to pertain to having control over the respondents’ minds. The core reason for why this is successful is that it enables the interviewer to have the only goal and the success of that goal being achieved seems to appear quite simple.

Even though face to face interviews deem to be quite attractive and fun there are several things which can be roughly called its disadvantages. These include,

Expensive interviews

Face it, it is simply not cheap. There are several things that you need to be careful about as well. It will take quite long to do so as well, require a stupendous amount of time and resources to gather and spend, and will also be stressful as well.

Major opinions being biased

You see, many individuals will offer opinions that will tend to be biased or prejudice. This will result in the survey report to be quite long and boring to read.

Limitation on paper sizes

The data collected during the interview will be written on major amounts of paper. It will certainly not be written in a single place on the paper. The interviewing staff will frequently increase the number of qualified personals on the papers. This will force you to buy more amounts of paper. Hence the cost of it is increasing yet again.

The quality of the interviewer

Many types of interviewers are different in their way, they have different sets of methods and skills which reasonably fit them. However, the data which is to be collected by the interview namely varies on the quality of the interviewer. If their methods and skills are not well then there is a higher chance that the data collected during the interview will be quite poor.

Face to face interviews is an important tool regardless of its disadvantages. It has more advantages than it has disadvantages. Once you use this service of surveys to improve the quality of your organization. You will realize how successful you will turn out to be. Among all this, you need to realize that for your business to be successful you need to do many surveys which would be done through the method of face to face interviews.

Mystery Shopping

Business is a rather hard investment to do. Everyone agrees to this and they agree that it can have drastic effects at times where extreme measures have to be taken and decisions to be made to avoid the risk of causing major damage to the industry. It is indeed no child’s play. Business is what can make a person’s future and open various opportunities for them or they can drag the person into bankruptcy and leave them homeless on the streets. This is why careful planning is mandatory whenever one is considering business.

Apart from this you also need to keep in touch with the industry. There are several inhouse choices that organizations have to make to measure how much wealth they have accumulated and how much they should save today and spend in the future. There are also determinants of how much a company should price for a product they have produced and how many products they should purchase other than their products.

This is one of the core reasons why most people consider Mystery Shopping to further up their business and bolster their sales. But that also gives rise to another kind of question. What exactly do these Business Consultants do when they are appointed by large organizations in Dubai. Well, The Emirates HR Management and Consultancy and business consultants like Undercover Consultants offer exclusive and illustrative strategies to further up the experiences of companies.

The strategies that they take have been written in this blog and they will carefully guide you towards your first step if you are thinking of hiring them soon.

Mystery Shopping

You see when you know that all of your products are furnished and polished exactly to the liking of the public, all of your employees are trained and paid accordingly, and the location of your business is at a place that meets the eyes perfectly and yet you are just not hitting that perfect spot whatsoever. So, what exactly are you doing wrong?

Mystery Shopping in the UAE

has been on the minds of many booming businesses. You see when you choose Mystery Shoppers, then they become the honesty you need for the safety of your business. There is a common misconception that many of them are secrete spies that will give a review of your customer service without ever hinting of where they are. It is blatantly wrong. They can be of two types of Mystery Shoppers. They can be professionally trained employees of the business consultants (these types will do a bit of research into your company before they buy anything from your organization) or they can be completely random individuals who will do the shopping all while being in the safety of their own home. These independent contractors will have no idea about the company that they are doing shopping. This is the best thing about it. As they have no clue into your business then they will give their most honest and steadfast opinions about your customer services and your products.

Countless marketing organizations need honest opinions and Mystery Shoppers will give them just exactly that.


Mystery Shopping might just be the missing puzzle you need for your worries. The kinds of things that they do generally would be,

Cleanliness of the vicinity

Everyone knows that having a cleaned workplace is an amazing deed and everyone agrees to it. It does not concern the nature of the business in any way. However, you still need to have a clean workplace to make your business more glistening and attractive. The Mystery Shoppers will help you in pointing out the places which need careful cleaning which can range from the shelves, the bathrooms, counters, parking lots, and other places that need in-depth cleanliness.

Gesturing Welcomes and Assistance

This one is quite obvious when you walk into any place that you favor, you always need a warm gestured welcome. Whether it will be a restaurant or a supermarket. They also need to be offered assistance right away. When Mystery Shoppers come to observe your business, they will ask various amounts of questions which will range from being difficult to be easy. All in all, this is just to test and observe the knowledge of your employees.

Product opportunities

To run a business, you also need to convince your customers to increase the number of products that they are buying as this will increase the number of sales of your company which in turn is beneficial for you. This is called upselling, and this is surely important to increasing the revenue of the company. The Mystery Shoppers will most often time judge the employees of your company by giving them opportunities to sell them more products.  This increases their skills on upselling and trains them to be better employees of the company.

Educating the employees

No firm or establishment wants employees that will not be able to answer questions from the customers. This obviously will make them uncomfortable and will not be buying products from a company that has no idea about the products that they are selling. When the reports from the Mystery Shoppers come in and you see the kinds of answers that they gave to them then you will be able to determine to better train your employees so they can be ready to answer any type of question which the customer will ask them.

This service is offered exclusively by Business Consultants like Undercover Consultants, as they aim to be one of the leading business consulting agencies in the UAE. However, they offer other services as well like Social Media Monitoring, Customer Survey Questions, in-person interviews and HR Consultants as well who will train the HR department of your company so you can appoint more able and creative employees who will lead the sales of your business and make it stand out as the best in the market.

How to be safe from Mystery Shopping Scammers

So safe from Mystery Shopping Scammers, you have finally considered doing Mystery Shopping. You have conducted enough research and now realize that. Individual can do it on your own without wasting any more time. You see Mystery Shopping in the UAE has proven to be a great tool. In no way it is considered a full-time job and many times treated as one-day job bases. Although it relatively sounds great and a genuine way to make extra money. But you still need to be careful about some scammers that can double-cross you or rob you of private and important information but there is no need to bring your spirits down. You just need to look out properly.

 What kind of a scam do you need to look out for?

Many shoppers will come through the disguise of legitimate business deals. They will most commonly send you actual checks containing large amounts of money. And will guide them through a step of signing up as a Mystery Shopper on a private website by paying a small fee. Or filling out a form with personal details like your name, home address, phone number, and social security number. If some unfortunate shopper did it then they will bounce that check. Then afterward will steal all of that personal information so they can commit frauds related to identity thefts.

Do not pay any firm to do Mystery Shopping

It is signified many times that you do not ever pay any firm for a job that they want you to do but the opposite happens. So, it becomes quite clear, do not in any circumstance pay any firm to do mystery shopping for them. Legitimate companies will not ask you to pay a fee to be recognized as a Mystery shopper but rather will pay you to do that one-time job for them. Any company that contacts you to pay them anything is automatically considered as a scammer and you need to avoid them at all costs.

Contact the shop owner immediately

The things about these scammers are that they will most often give you the names of a well-known market and will give you actual information that appears legitimate. So, it is always advised to contact the store owners and ask them directly if they ordered the service of Mystery Shopping. It is always better to contact them either through email or phone number which are provided by the official webpages of the store.

The third is to research the company

It is always advised to search for the name of the company through keywords like, scams, reviews, complaints, which can give you a clear insight into the company’s history, their previous customers, and prove their legitimateness as well.

Fourth is to not deposit the checks which they give you

Many scammers individually will give you a certified legit check and ask you to deposit the check into your account. This is one of the clearest forms of scamming. For if one were to do this then the check would simply bounce. And you will be forced to pay more money to the bank.

Fifth is to check for the authenticity of the registration process

Many scammers will come up to you and give you links to websites. That look very similar to the original website of a typical company. So to be safe from this you need to look out for places in which the website. This can include the difference in the URL link, any grammar mistakes, non-arrangement of content posted. This can give you a clear and simple view of the website and give you a heads up for any potential dangers.

More importantly, if you are looking to get into Mystery Shopping in Dubai then you should contact Undercover Consultants. They will give you a very detailed report into the steps taken to conduct mystery shopping. While also keeping you safe from other scammers who commit frauds.

They will conduct their own market research and help you in further expanding your business

Social Media Monitoring is one of the best tools to use for the aspects of a business. It continuously helps to increase and evaluate the company and also helps in keeping a stable name in the market. It also helps in collecting trending data of customers from the web so you can see just how it is you are selling your products in the way that your consumers desire. Through the service of Mystery Shopping, you can easily conduct in-depth market research and make your name stand out in the industry. But before we get into the monitoring tools, let us see just what Social Media Monitoring is exactly.

Social Media Monitoring

Before the advent of the internet, various companies had to conduct in-house interviews of product consumers which were rather expensive and took ridiculous long hours to do so. But now because of the advent of the internet, it has proven to be quite beneficial for various types of businesses. After a product has been bought from the company, the customer will go on the internet to boast about the product. These reviews will tell you exactly what you need to hear.

You see through Social Media Monitoring you can monitor various types of Online platforms and find out about the number of times the name of your company or product has been mentioned. This is how effective it is!

Now that we know what Social Media Monitoring is, let us talk about the 8 different types of tools that can greatly help you in your quest for success.

  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an insatiable monitoring tool that will greatly help you in your search for research. It does this by gradually finding out the number of times the most trending word is being posted about the most. Companies in Dubai use this tool to gain better insight into their products and their services as well.

  1. Digimind

This effective tool helps you in measuring whether the keyword of your company is positive, negative, or has a medium effect. It also helps greatly in perceiving how the brand is doing in the competitive market.

  1. Reputology

One of the core things about major scale businesses would be taking well end care of the reputation. You need to measure it finely while also taking some notes along the journey. Monitoring of Social Media has made it quite simple to do so. The great thing about this tool is that it helps you in keeping track of the traffic that you come across through the usage of websites like a binge, Facebook reviews, and Google.

  1. Sprout Social

It is a powerful as well as the most popular Social Media Monitoring tool as it enables you to have the kind of analytics you need to gradually expand the traffic your website deserves. It is a super easy and effective tool!

  1. ReviewInc

ReviewInc is a great tool to use. This tool holds the ability to let you browse various types of websites from many countries. As much 200 websites! With this tool, you can respond to reviews from your company and resolve it as soon as it is written.


  1. Keyhole

This is an effective tool that helps you monitor different social media platforms in which there is the continuous use of tags, various names of the user, and the general links of the websites. It also shows a detailed version of the map which shows activities of the keywords used.

  1. TweetReach

This tool aims to be a great tool to measure the number of times your tweets are reaching everyone. You can monitor the discussions that everyone has about your products and you can also study how your customers like your products. This can help in achieving better results than anyone else.

  1. Buffer

The buffer contains the ability to let you quickly make plans for content, and the correct date and time you want to post the content. It will measure itself and will post it automatically to the set time. Through this tool, you can also see the content posted if it is quite working for your taste or not!

Is it really effective for your business?

There are several businesses which consider Social Media Monitoring for their businesses. The reason for this is that it is quick, easy, and requires no training to do so.

Don’t want to do Monitoring on your own? Don’t worry!

Business Consultants will help you. They will conduct their own market research and help you in further expanding your business through the usage of Mystery Shopping.


How you can stand out in the market Industry. One of the things that you should always look out for when you have your own business is making your products displaced in such a way that consumers always consider them. This becomes an important aspect. As the value of your customer service becomes an eminent feature in the industry. However, many business strategies tend to fail. No matter how creative or vehement they strive to be. The ending effects end up being futile. You see strategies are amazing tools that can help you in achieving your goal levels and success. It also holds the ability to organize various plans and the key to hiring talented employees who will present you with creative ideas to expand your business.

what exactly is it that you need to do?

There are several things that you need to look out for. The aspect of a business is way more important than any other and you need to emphasize making the success of your business more exploiting. To make this into a simpler context, let’s understand first what a business strategy is.

Business Strategy

A business strategy would be a set of steps, plans, rules, and regulations that companies, organizations, and industries take to ensure that the business stands out in the market amongst its set of competitors.

Now that we understand this, we now know that business strategies are the core point for the success of a business. It holds the key to Customer Satisfaction.

Various companies in the UAE consider Mystery Shoppers to be one of the most successful business strategies to exist. Because it is simple, reliable, proves to be efficient and overall is quite affordable to do so.

What are the different strategies of business?

Business strategies can be taken into a simpler perspective, we first need to determine the components of a business.  These would roughly include, analysis of the SWOT, personalized, and determined company goals, tactics, and measurements. These are surely the key components that evaluate the success of the strategies and make them unique. Now let us go back to the strategies of a business. How you can stand out in the market Industry.

There are several kinds of business strategies that differentiate the categories of business. They are as following,

Mystery Shopping

It is no surprise that mystery shopping is a huge deal for companies in the UAE. Business Consultants like Undercover Consultants offer various types of exclusive services which no doubt expands the growth of the business. These strategies are quite compelling and easy to use. The best thing about them is that they are quite affordable to use as well. You see Mystery Shopping introduces various types of services. like Customer Survey Questions, Face to Face interviews, Social Media Monitoring, Shopping in disguise, and finally HR consultancy. Services offered by these individuals provide endless deals of customers to come rushing to your customers and make you stand out in the market as well. How you can stand out in the market Industry.

The costing price of Goods and Services

In economics, there is a term known as Price competition. It describes that in a market there are several numbers of sellers trying to sell the same product. As there are many buyers, the product is being sold by a seller at a lower price and another seller is selling the same product at a different much higher price. This sounds utterly ridiculous. Why would anyone want to pay for a product being sold at a much lower rate?

You see many retailers in the market rely on a strategy based on cost. The reason for this is that the goods that they provide end up passing benefits which aim to be efficient for the company’s operations.

The thing about this would not be to lower your product price to amount to another competitor in the market but to make the price of your product attractive in such a way that the consumer will resort to buying your product in any way!

Under this strategy falls another service which is known as Product Differentiation. It is a strategy of the market which entitles to differentiate a product of the company from other competitors in the market. This ensures that products are being distinguished by proper communication and identification of what the company is providing to their customers.  If this is successful, then it will help in creating brand awareness for your products. And help to establish a bright name for your company in the market.

Why are business Strategies important?

There are various reasons why business strategies are important. Here are the reasons,

Goal planning and determination

They help in determining the initial steps taken to solve business goals easily

Having a higher advantage

When you have all of your goals and plans properly mapped then you will have a higher advantage to achieve all of your goals easily and effectively.

Strength and Control

The best thing about business strategies is that it helps you in gaining strength and helps you control every set of obstacles that are thrown in your way. This is an effective strategy which deems important to every organization that exists.

The most important thing that you need to realize is that planning for strategies can prove to be quite effective. They can also boost the sales of your business to a greater amount. Something which can help you stand out in the industry and make the worth of your products even more.  How you can stand out in the market Industry.


Current Marketing Trends

The shape of a business is determined by its ability to stay well in the market. The reason for this is that the market determines how well they will do in terms of selling products to consumers. Moreover, you cannot advance at all if you do not keep in trends with what is currently happening in the market world.  You see trends are important for businesses whether they are small or big. It helps to create a better image in the industry and also helps to ameliorate the name of your organization in the market.  It also helps to bolster the requirements of your company through a stupendous amount as well.

You see also because of this pandemic many businesses have been sent to the low as they are not quite hitting the same success that they were hitting back when everything was still open through physical interaction. Regardless of the pandemic, if your business is well established or you are just going through the initial steps then you still need to emphasize staying with current trends. Several companies in the UAE are keeping up to the present trends and this is severally helping them in the success of their business. This helps them to ensure that their products are actually what the customers want.

Why should you keep up with market trends?

You see risk-taking is one of the major deals with businesses. If you do not have any insight into the present industry and emphasizing staying to old marketing trends, then you miss major possibilities of increasing your business. Here are a few of the reasons,


A better and reliable leader, a marketing expert

You see, when you follow trends you tend to become a better individual as you lead your company with bigger and better more creative ideas which help your company in staying apart from everyone else in the industry. Moreover, it helps to make you a leader as you continuously change your marketing tactics and become a creative genius rather than following the old trends. Moreover, to ensure quality management and also to gain a competitive edge over your competitors you need to move by specifications rather than, by approximations.

You will be able to figure out what’s happening today and tomorrow

By staying up to trend, you will be able to figure out what will happen today and also what will happen tomorrow. Let’s say you are looking at your old history in the market and look through your old data then you will be able to sense a lot of trends that are presently going. Furthermore, you will also be able to combine all of the data and use it to the best of your knowledge.

You will be able to foresee the present trends

You see risk-taking is a huge job and many individuals who run businesses whether big or small understand this. If you can predict the future, then everything would be kind of easy for you to do so.

They will help you attain creative businesses strategies and will help you in figuring out early warnings

When you know the present trends in the industry then no doubt, they will help you in keeping a creative head and be at the very edge in your game. They will also help in preventing major losses. In the stock market, there is a reason why so many people deeply study it. They will measure which kind of stock is making huge amounts of profit for so many months and which will gradually lose its value. When they figure out the right stock then they will sell that stock at the exact rate, this has proven to be quite profitable for a load of organizations and loads of individuals who are keen on keeping with the present trends in the industry.

Are there any tools to make your research easier?

Of course, there are several kinds of tools that can help you further your research. You can update your marketing team in your department and advise them to carefully study the present trends in the industry. There are also several other tools that you can use to further up your research. This would be,

SEO Content

If you advise your marketing team to hire writers who will deliver content to your website which are up to date with the industry. This can leave a great and positive effect on your business.

Market Journals

They can prove to be effective and great tools. Every industry has a website in which they will regularly publish stupendous amounts of blogs and articles. They are always free to read and aim to provide the best content with up-to-date trends as well. You can study them and start having creative ideas.

Google Trends and Google Alerts

These two tools provide the best service to all individuals. In google trend, you can search present trends by entering keywords and they will automatically deliver all of the keywords with Google Alerts. It is that easy!

If you think researching on your own is too much time consuming, then you should consider Mystery Shopping

The genius behind Mystery Shopping

If you are a business in Abu Dhabi and want to further expand your business, then you should consider Business Consultancies who offer the service of Mystery Shopping. They aim to provide you with the most simple and reliable services like for example Social Media Monitoring, Customer Survey Questions which can help you in providing valuable insight into the industry.  They will also do in-depth research in the market and provide valuable and creative solutions to change the way you do things and enable you to keep up with various types of trends.

Undercover Consultancy provides you with various types of trends and resources and also with the most trained and professional individuals which will no doubt help you in gaining a valuable place in the industry. Current Marketing Trends.



Why you need to be careful while recruiting new workers

To achieve long term sustainability and gain a competitive advantage in your external environment. you as an organization, continuously need to look out for modern workforce recruits so that you can explore different innovative strategies by studying the new talent. In the same way, if we were to make the recruitment of new employees greatly significant then we would greatly determine ourselves.

The need for new recruits

Hiring a new workforce helps to maintain the flow of businesses and helps a company grow by studying new talents. The newly hired hands brought with them. An organization becomes aware that where the world is heading and is able to link the present with the future.

Reasons and Benefits of having an Effective Recruitment Strategy

There are a number of reasons for having and maintaining effective selection criteria. Because this decides where the company is moving to the competition. Many times managers hire, an employee by just having the impression of the interview and checking the CV. But soon it turns out that practically the recruit is unable to achieve the desired task. Moreover, if your company is having a specific culture and values. Which you are aware of, that not just anyone can be appointed. So you need to shed the light on specifically qualified people. If what discussed is not followed then it will eventually lead to a high company turnover rate or you as a manager will be forced to dismiss them.

Dismissing and Rehiring

If this scenario is created, then it will have its disadvantages. Dismissing and rehiring is an expensive process as salaries would be cut and so eventually there will be a loss of profit. The image of the company will be stained and when you will lookout for new employees to hire. They will be asking for a substantial amount of money as they will see your need as their opportunity. Moreover, your stakeholder and shareholder value will decrease creating a further loss in the market. The morale among the other employees of the company will be damaged due to the poor recruitment strategy and the company will lose its competitive edge over its competitors. Why you need to be careful while recruiting new workers.

So you need to be careful in hiring an employee. You need to have effective criteria as it will enable you to look at the situation rationally. There won’t be a crowd of cooks in one kitchen. Moreover, you need to be cautious and attentive towards that how are your recruits dealing with customers as they are the reason why an organization exists and if their support is lost then the graph goes into decline.

Mistakes we make while we recruit new employees

While recruiting, there are a number of mistakes that we make which causes impairment in the longer run. Firstly, most of the time we rely on the old rule of thumb. Due to this, we cannot ensure quality management. Secondly, we focus more on how the ‘to be hired’ employee makes his impression in the interview and on his/her CV rather than taking many practice tests and looking at the situation rationally. Moreover, we don’t wait for the perfect candidate to show up, instead, we suffer through the “immediate gratification bias”, which means that we want the things now and at the moment unlike thinking it out properly for the long run. Also, many times we don’t create effective selection criteria to hire an employee, and this leads to clarity and strains quality management. Why you need to be careful while recruiting new workers.

Most strategies that seem effective

The human resource department plays a key role in hiring new employees and also in maintaining a sustainable organizational culture. The purpose of this department. When it was established, was solely on working and looking out for new skilled recruits. Although now it has been advanced to many other purposes. This department basically looks at the needs and culture of the organization as a third party. What resources should be allocated to what department, be it taskforce, monetary fund, or technical expertise? It comes up with proper selection criteria which brings clarity while hiring and this also brings consistency and lends credibility to an organization.

This point raises a solid number of other reasons which deem the importance of hiring new talent even more significant. The HR department has a major role in making the success of a company greatly sufficient.

To conclude this all brings much effectiveness to the growth of the organization and plays a key role in creating its long-term shareholder value. As Robert Half quotes “Time spent on hiring is time well spent”.  Why you need to be careful while recruiting new workers. Undercover will provide you hr recruitments.



Business Growth by Customer survey

Customer Surveys done by Several organizations emphasize providing the best customer survey service in UAE. But one thing that they all lack is driving the customers back to their business so they can keep on using their service.
So, what can they do to attract their customers more?
When organizations make plans to attract more customers to their business. There is one major thing that they keep on overlooking and that is Surveys. You see they can be a great tool to help evaluate the value of your company and give you more ideas so you can expand your business. Whether your business is small or big it will surely help you determine. How you can improve your business and make it seem more attractive. Let’s find out how!

How do surveys help exactly?

The thing about surveys is that they are extremely easy to use and most importantly they prove to be quite fun! There are several reasons how they can help you in the growth of your business.
Performance Tracking
Surveys can help you in keeping a track of all of your services and helps you in keeping all of them in order. This also helps you in determining what type of product or service the customer wants the most and if your service was satisfactory or not. When you gain better insight from your customers and see their experiences with your company, they reveal a certain amount of information that tells you how well your business is going. This information can help you further increase your services.

Analysis of the Market

Surveys have proven to be an excellent strategy when it comes to finding out the correct values in the market. Because you figure out what the customers are preferring more or what is on the current trend. With surveys, you do not have to worry about conducting various types of research on your own as a survey will do that for you.
A better understanding of your Target Audience
There are times when customers will refuse to talk about the service that they have just taken just so they can avoid a certain type of conflict. But if they are asked the same questions in the comfort of their own home then you will realize just what it is that they are dissatisfied with then it will help you in making those customers more attracted to your business. This is why top customer surveys in UAE help in pointing out just exactly what it is that your consumers like.

Customer survey Creation of New Ideas

Surveys can also help you in finding new and creative ideas that can further expand the quality of your business. As the saying goes, “There is always room for creativity”. When you give out a survey and ask about ways in which service can be Improved then you will realize how it can your own business a lot easier. You are faced with a load of creative ideas that you are free to choose from.
When your customers realize that you listen to their ideas then you will gain a brighter and wider audience as well. This is again extremely helpful for your business.

Generating a better relationship with your customers

Surveys can no doubt enable you to build a better relationship with your customers. When they know that you are listening to their concerns and ideas then they will end up buying more services from your company. It enables them to think that they are gradually helping you.

Themes and logos which you are confused about
If you want to change your logo or redesign it but are confused as to which one you should choose. Then your surveys can help you in enabling voting. The simple process of voting can help you decide which theme and logo are appealing to your target audience, thus enabling you to attain a better insight.

A better understanding of demographics

This is a type of survey that will ask your customers about their personal preferences, the types of problems, and challenges that they face, and their own lives. This might rise even beyond the area of your business expertise, but this type of data can enable you to provide a better displacement of your products and help in determining the value of your partners.

You can spot fashion trends early then before way early
Surveys help you in spotting fashion trends way early. You will end up using those trends to your advantage than any other business in the region. It will help you in standing out above the rest of the businesses in the market. When you end up using fashion trends in your business then you will no doubt end up achieving success.

Great Promotion of Campaigns

When you start your business and want to undertake a variety of campaigns. You will tend to realize that they will cost you a lot of money and the work itself is quite stressful. When you first create a survey then you will greatly help your team. They surely are heading on the right path. It will also help you in gaining a wider audience.
A better insight into what others think of your company
Surveys can also help you in finding out what other organizations and businesses think about your organization. This will help you in determining key partner relationships with your partners as well as your customer survey. As you know that your own business is standing out in the market.

customer Survey has proven to be an effective tool that will no doubt help you in greatly expanding your business.

Why business consultants are important for Organizations

Business consultants are important for Organizations when they first start their work have tended to ignore some important points. This simple ignorance may seem not much of a big deal at first, but it can cause damage to the reputation of the business. Why would any want that? Why would any company want to ruin or heavily damage the reputation of the business? The thing that they miss most would be mystery shopping. Companies that are situated in UAE have aimed to provide the best services for various companies. However, does this seem to always succeed?

You need to keep in mind that business consultants tend to provide a number of rules and regulations which expand the growth of the business and also make them stand out in the market. They have loads of trained professionals and individuals who are the masters of Mystery shopping.

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is an ideal business strategy that enables countless organizations to conduct investigations about how the service of that particular company is rounding off too. How well they are doing in the market and if they are keeping up to various types of trends.


Companies situated in UAE mostly tend to rely on organizations that provide the service of Mystery shopping. Conducting investigations on your own is time-consuming and it is not always able to achieve the best results. It is also really expensive and requires proper training. With already trained professionals that inhibit the growth of the company. They prove to be quite successful because of their friendly attitudes and strategies. The HR consultancy in Abu Dhabi and the emirates international HR management has proven to provide such a case.

What are the strategies of these Business Consultants?

The business consultants provide various types of business strategies which range from conducting face to face interviews. where professional individuals of the company come in contact with the respondents. And ask about their opinions and their thoughts and feelings towards the company.

The second strategy would research through customer surveys. This has proven to be an excellent strategy. In this strategy, the company takes well-written customer survey questions. The thing about this is that it enables the company to have an organized approach towards their service. It is effective as well as an amazing tool.

Business Consultant

The third would be hiring mystery shoppers. These mystery shoppers well-trained individuals hire by the reliant HR consultancy.  They will be given a specific amount of money to buy some products from the wholesale market. If the company mainly depends on the online market, then they will observe how well the product is reserved. How well, the service is being delivered. If the company relay on the wholesale market, then they will judge the behaviors and attitudes of the employees and the service being given to them.

HR department training.

The fourth strategy would be HR department training. It is no doubt that the success of your business mainly relies on what individuals you have hired. If not, the right individuals who have no idea how to do their job correctly will only have the reputation of your own company spiraling downhill. That is why the HR department is most oftentimes called the heart and soul of the company. What many business consultancies do is that they provide exclusive training to the HR department of your company and enable them to take interviews on a more thorough approach. This leads to the betterment of the company as it will have many individuals who will have creative ideas along with talent and skill.

The fifth strategy would be Social Media Monitoring. It is just an important tool among the list of other tools that consultancies use. It helps you to investigate thoroughly the reviews left for your company by individuals on the internet. Many monitoring tools like Google search engine will enable them to search through the entire web and look for keywords that are related to your company. This is again an effective tool used by business consultancies.


There are other strategies as well like telephonic interviews and mystery shopping in retail which help your organization run more swiftly and intensively.

How does it help your business?

To run a successful business, you will need to run vigorous amounts of research and test, interviews which prove to be time-consuming and expensive. For the business consultancies that provide market research, collect data from product consumers, and also help you in standing out in the retail market.

Has it proven to be effective?

There are many companies in the UAE that have taken the services of mystery shopping. They are known to create such complex and amazing strategies which no doubt helps companies greatly expanding the success of their business from all over the world.  Moreover, it creates various amounts of job opportunities.

There are various companies which offer these services but the one which is the most suggestive would be Undercover Consultants. They farewell reputed to create such plans that help major companies and guide them through their reputation.

Better Employees, Successful Business

Better Employees

There is a saying that goes. That “The better you treat your employees, the better are the chances of your customers coming back to you”. You see when your employees are genuinely happy within the premise of the company. They are employed in and understand how well they are respected then this raises the chances of them doing their best for your company.

In terms of success to the business. We all can agree that customer services determine the true worth of the company and guess who exactly is in charge of the customer service. That’s right! Your employees are!

You see the key reason for businesses either failing or just not hitting that perfect milestone is that their behavior towards their employees is purely rough.  So why should you even consider investing more in your employees? Better Employees Successful Business.

Here are the reasons why

Better team players and better goals achievements

One of the core reasons for an organization to be successful is to set a list of goals for its employees to follow. The best way to ensure this is to help those who are struggling in the workplace. You see running your organization is like driving a brand-new car. You need to be careful in a list of areas, so you don’t end up damaging it. In the same way, you need to be careful with your employees. The more you help them with things they need help with. You will create a workplace where the concept of team playing is mandatory. This in turn will lead to your employees achieving better and bigger goals.

You attract better employees with more talent

The best thing about a positive workplace is that you tend to attract fresh talent. Who is willing to provide the best ending product for you. You see when the word about your organization treating its employees better gets out. Then it raises the chances of the success of your own business skyrocketing. The thing about this is that better remarks will end up in great respect and better creation of the image.

Motivated Employees, Happier Customers

Another great thing about this is that the better treated your employees are the better motivated they tend to be. In terms of your business, it can be quite delightful when your customers realize that. They are being treated with great respect and helpful employees. Then they will tend to lead towards better consumption of your products. The happier and motivated your employees are the better success of your business!

Better Loyalty to your company

You see job satisfaction is mandatory for loads of people and many would like to keep on working for the same company for long periods. When a positive workplace tends to be the highlight of the company then you will create employees who are the most loyal to you. They emphasize providing the best for you.

Better usage of resources

The better the usage of resources the lesser the financial burden for you. You see when you provide your employees with good benefits which would include better health insurance plans, lesser payroll taxes, etc. then they would lower their salary expectations. Your budget would be lesser, and you will have better and more efficient employees. This would greatly help you stand out in the marketplace altogether and make you a great leader whilst making the success of your business quite intriguing.


The Retention of great Talent

Better Employees Successful Business You see employees of an organization tend to sly off every once in a while, because of bad treatment but the thing is most HR managers would encourage further engagement and retention which would lead to their success. Most businesses tend to reduce employees who are not focused on their organization or not providing fully functioning work so they can cut off useless payrolls to reduce budget costs. This is why the engagement of an employee is the key factor that leads to the betterment of the company.

An Interesting workplace

If you were to create multiple sets of challenges within your company then you would realize how productive and creative your employees while being in the premise of your company. This is why it is important to have different sets of challenges or even goals to make your work seem more interesting. It will most importantly increase the well hood of your own company as well.

Lesser Distractions

When your employees realize that they do not have to worry about health. Other issues as they know they can depend on your organization to help them out then you will realize how productive your employees will be. The lesser the distractions are the better the ending products and the success for your company would increase

Better trained HR Managers

HR Managers are the reason why you have talented and amazing employees. They can figure out who can be a valuable candidate for your organization. If you provide better training to your HR managers and treat them better, then will end up doing their job even better.


To achieve great success, you need to emphasize becoming a great leader. By becoming a great leader, you also need to focus on caring about your team. You cannot achieve success if you do not appreciate your workers. You need to care for them and provide the best environment for them so they can help you greatly in your organization gaining success Better Employees Successful Business.