How to be safe from Mystery Shopping Scammers

How to be safe from Mystery Shopping Scammers in UAE

So safe from Mystery Shopping Scammers, you have finally considered doing Mystery Shopping. You have conducted enough research and now realize that. Individual can do it on your own without wasting any more time. You see Mystery Shopping in the UAE has proven to be a great tool. In no way it is considered a full-time job and many times treated as one-day job bases. Although it relatively sounds great and a genuine way to make extra money. But you still need to be careful about some scammers that can double-cross you or rob you of private and important information but there is no need to bring your spirits down. You just need to look out properly.

 What kind of a scam do you need to look out for?

Many shoppers will come through the disguise of legitimate business deals. They will most commonly send you actual checks containing large amounts of money. And will guide them through a step of signing up as a Mystery Shopper on a private website by paying a small fee. Or filling out a form with personal details like your name, home address, phone number, and social security number. If some unfortunate shopper did it then they will bounce that check. Then afterward will steal all of that personal information so they can commit frauds related to identity thefts.

Do not pay any firm to do Mystery Shopping

It is signified many times that you do not ever pay any firm for a job that they want you to do but the opposite happens. So, it becomes quite clear, do not in any circumstance pay any firm to do mystery shopping for them. Legitimate companies will not ask you to pay a fee to be recognized as a Mystery shopper but rather will pay you to do that one-time job for them. Any company that contacts you to pay them anything is automatically considered as a scammer and you need to avoid them at all costs.

Contact the shop owner immediately

The things about these scammers are that they will most often give you the names of a well-known market and will give you actual information that appears legitimate. So, it is always advised to contact the store owners and ask them directly if they ordered the service of Mystery Shopping. It is always better to contact them either through email or phone number which are provided by the official webpages of the store.

The third is to research the company

It is always advised to search for the name of the company through keywords like, scams, reviews, complaints, which can give you a clear insight into the company’s history, their previous customers, and prove their legitimateness as well.

Fourth is to not deposit the checks which they give you

Many scammers individually will give you a certified legit check and ask you to deposit the check into your account. This is one of the clearest forms of scamming. For if one were to do this then the check would simply bounce. And you will be forced to pay more money to the bank.

Fifth is to check for the authenticity of the registration process

Many scammers will come up to you and give you links to websites. That look very similar to the original website of a typical company. So to be safe from this you need to look out for places in which the website. This can include the difference in the URL link, any grammar mistakes, non-arrangement of content posted. This can give you a clear and simple view of the website and give you a heads up for any potential dangers.

More importantly, if you are looking to get into Mystery Shopping in Dubai then you should contact Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy. They will give you a very detailed report into the steps taken to conduct mystery shopping. While also keeping you safe from other scammers who commit frauds.

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