Face to face interviews

face to face interview

Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy offer a service of Face-to-Face interviews which are conducted by their trained team. This allows companies to target non-tech-savvy people as well. Undercover can conduct face-to-face interviews in the Dubai UAE and has experience in responding quickly to fast-moving situations.

Explore valuable customer insights via face-to-face interviews as Undercover offers a solution to enhance your brand position. This will help in finding out unfiltered opinions from customers, which will signify their priorities and satisfaction levels. The interview will be based on potential factors that affect customer experience which will be leading to an understanding of various levels of interest of a particular market or industry.

Following is what Undercover provides when it comes to Face-to-Face interview service:

  • Provides in-depth data collection and comprehensive understanding
  • Interviewers are trained to probe explanations from questions.
  • Visual aids and stimulus materials are used when needed.

We want your business to grow – contact us now to schedule a consultation session for face to face interviews service in Dubai UAE.

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