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Undercover provides a social media monitoring service in UAE. Monitoring social media platforms allows various UAE companies to make their content more visible. It also ensures that companies can increase sales and make their services unique.

Here at Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy, we provide an excellent Social Media Monitoring service. So, you can have a more organized approach to your products, be ahead of other companies’ competition, and have a brilliant check on the management response.

Our team of specialized professionals will track the communication on social media platforms.

They will help businesses by monitoring the official social media forums of the company and enable them to measure the visibility of social media content.

Our specialized team helps in tracking the communication built through your social media. They also make sure to give head-to-head competition to the competitors and keep a check on the response management.

What is social media monitoring UAE?

Think of Social Media Monitoring as keeping your hand on the heartbeat of the online world. It’s like carefully watching and understanding what people say about your brand, industry, or competitors on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Think about being a captain of a ship in rough waters. You wouldn’t sail without knowing where you’re going, right? Just like that, people and businesses can’t go on the internet without knowing what’s happening. Social media monitoring helps them understand and stay safe online.


Our team emphasizes providing exclusive Social Media planning and strategies so you can have a further boost in the sales of your company and have a gradual promotion of services as well as brand awareness so the success of your business is further expanded.

At Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy, we continuously monitor and measure the marketing of different social media platforms based in the UAE.

We provide productive social media planning and strategies to boost company sales, promote services, and increase brand awareness to ensure the effective expansion of your business. At Undercover, we monitor and measure social media marketing in the UAE.

Our team of the finest social media experts – works on providing customizable services. At Undercover Mystery Shopping Consultancy, we contain a team of one of the finest social media experts who take pride in providing many services. Our service will ensure to respond accordingly and give you the requirement you need.

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What metrics are tracked in social media monitoring?

  • The behavior of customers
  • The development of the Market
  • The disruptors of Market
  • The number of competitors present
  • The Regulatory Development

If you are in dire need of services from our company then contact us, we will make sure to give you excellent service. Undercover responses promptly to whatever requirement your company presents.


  • Competitors
  • Customers
  • Market development
  • Market disruptors
  • Regulatory development
  • Mystery shopper

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