social media monitoring

Why Social Media Monitoring is Important in UAE

Social Media Audit can increase the success of your business and it also can destroy it completely. The reputation of your business has great importance on Social Media. Everyone knows it, the world is a global network now and everyone has shifted online to get in more touch with their favorite businesses and brands. Read more

Mystery Shopping

Why you should consider Mystery Shopping in UAE

We are constantly looking into different ways to expand our business. We will try just about anything to make it successful. Surely, when we do this, we make constant mistakes that end up rampaging our entire business and plummets our strategies. This is why most companies consider business consultants. These consultants most commonly provide excellence for your business and help you promote it greatly. In this blog, we will be discussing the importance of Mystery Shopping and its strategies. Read more

Human Resource Department: Choose the best Employees for your Business

Human Resource Department: Choose the best Employees in UAE


The Human resource department plays an important role in an organization. You see they are responsible for hiring the best employees for the company. Moreover, they are also the heart and soul of the company as they have to sometimes go read through tons of resumes and take loads of interviews which can deem to be quite stressful. Read more

Customer survey

How Customer Surveys expand the growth of your business in UAE

Several organizations emphasize providing the best customer service possible. But one thing that they all lack is driving the customers back to their business so they can keep on using their service How Customer Surveys. Read more

How to treat with employees

How to treat employees better

There is a saying that goes that “The better you treat your employees, the better are the chances of your customers coming back to you”. You see when your employees are genuinely happy within the premise of the company they are employed in and understand how well they are respected then this raises the chances of them doing their best for your company. Read more

The Ultimate Research Tool That Guarantees to Change Your Business Game (1)-min

The Ultimate Research Tool

The Ultimate Research Tool That In a continuously evolving competitive market. The best customer service can be the factor that allows you to stand out from the crowd. And the key to stepping up your customer service game is to gain an accurate insight into how the customers perceive your business. Mystery shopping is a powerful research tool that aims to give you. A ‘customer’s view’ of your business, giving you the much-needed competitive edge. We, at Undercover Management Consultancy, take immense pride in being the masters of mystery shopping. You do not have to worry about conducting market research anymore – Read more

Spotting Spotting mystery shopping frauds

Spotting mystery shopping frauds in UAE

We undercover Spotting mystery shopping frauds in UAE. Mystery shopping is not a full-time job; it is part-time work. People taking up mystery shopping tasks should be careful of their time, money, and strength which they put in. Read more

mystery shopping plan

How To Make A Foolproof Mystery Shopping Plan in UAE?

The competition in the market for businesses is skyrocketing – each company is ready to compete with the other company. The sustenance of companies is more dependent on their customer experience; since the customers are the real judges of the market competition. Read more