Why Social Media Monitoring is Important in UAE

Social Media Audit can increase the success of your business and it also can destroy it completely. The reputation of your business has great importance on Social Media. Everyone knows it, the world is a global network now and everyone has shifted online to get in more touch with their favorite businesses and brands.

This leaves us with two things. One is that you can easily check out the reviews of your customers through various means. For example, Customer survey, Queries, etc. The bad news is you risk major loss if you don’t.

What is the major loss you ask? Well, let’s say your favorite artist releases a new song. Then personally sends you their CD so you can leave a review on their work. When you tell them how the CD is and also Inform them about the songs that you liked. They will appreciate the reviews greatly. Directly talking with their fans would be a lot easier than waiting for professional reviews by critics. This application has the same method applying to you as well. Most of your product consumers will go online to boast about your products and give their reviews on them and if you don’t sit down and talk with all of your customers then you won’t be able to find out a lot about what is exactly going on with your customer service.

Social Media Monitoring is the concept of how you can monitor business brands, products, and services through different means of online platforms. It has proven to be quite a strategic way to figure out reviews of Product consumers.

You see the thing about it is that it also helps you track various types of Social metrics that ensure brand awareness and voices which are for social sharing and once you collect this particular type of data you can ultimately use it to look for various types of insights and trends.

Is there particular reasoning for the influence of platform monitoring?

It can have a load of positive effects on your business. You see major businesses majorly look at online platforms to look for various types of trends and feedbacks which influence their brands and take action against the negative and positive reviews so they can further improve the quality of their business.

You can

  • Interact with your consumers on their media platforms.
  • Use the good reviews on your marketing tactics
  • Increase the originality
  • Observe which platform campaigns are performing well
  • See all the negative reviews about your products and change them

How should you even start online monitoring?

Firstly, you need to consider which types of keywords you want to research. Make a list of your products, and the name of your company, and the different sets of words.  Keep in mind you also need to watch out for mistakes and errors. Another great thing to do is not to restrict your research to just one language. Rather search in a variety of languages as this will greatly help you in finding many types of reviews from consumers situated from every country of the world.


If you want to conduct monitoring of social media but do not have any idea on where you should start, then you should consider taking on services from professional business consultants who offer these services. Undercover Consultant offers the best kind of deals. They are very exclusive and also offer the best services.


If you want to do it yourself then let me tell you about the type of tools that can greatly help you in your research.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great tool. It can let you monitor the mentions of your business through the entire web. It’s quite simple to use as well. Log in to your google account and go to google.com/alerts. You will get an email notification every time a new search word comes up.


Another great and easier tool to use would be Mentionlytics. It helps in scanning various types of sources to look for information regarding your brand. You will be able to see a variety of detailed information most particularly associated with your brands even when the name of your organization is not mentioned.


This tool helps you monitor by providing you with a detailed image. It provides you with a map that includes reviews, topics, and discussions that are mentioned with your brand. It is mostly associated with Twitter and it shows you all the tweets which are related to your products. This helps you focus on the information that is helpful to you.

These tools can strive to be quite intriguing as they can help you greatly Why Social Media Monitoring.

This is why Monitoring of online platforms is really important. If done correctly then they will help you in achieving the best results which can gradually expand the growth of your business.





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