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Why you should consider Mystery Shopping in UAE

We are constantly looking into different ways to expand our business. We will try just about anything to make it successful. Surely, when we do this, we make constant mistakes that end up rampaging our entire business and plummets our strategies. This is why most companies consider business consultants. These consultants most commonly provide excellence […]

Spotting mystery shopping frauds in UAE

Mystery shopping is not a full time job; it is a part time work.
People taking up mystery shopping tasks should be careful of their time, money
and strength which they put in.

Mystery shopping comes with a lot of opportunities; however, a
lot of times mystery shoppers get themselves jumbled in a fraudulent scheme.

So, if you’re working as a mystery shopper or starting to work like one. Always learn the red flags. The main difference to check is if it’s a legal company which is calling a person for mystery shopping.